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We create interactive websites, social presence and external system integrations.

Voiceworks website upgraded with a fully responsive framework

Responsive extension Voiceworks...


Implementation of a new concept design & functionalities based on previous Drupal build by Joy Group

National Academic renewed


Facebook is trying to get you involved in real-time conversation with the latest introduction of related Facebook hashtags.

Facebook Hashtags Explained


Do you feel like you’ve been spending a lot of time, money, and energy in creating a website for your business, and it doesn’t provide any satisfactory conversion rate? This article comes to help you improve your conversion rate in your business.

What is Conversion and Why Should...


If you have an online business and you own a website, you definitely need to know everything about what happens to your business through its website and whether or not it is able to accomplish its purpose and goals. In this context, Google Analytics might be the perfect tool!...

Understanding the Basics of Google...


There is an increasing pressure on content strategy these days, mainly because companies and web developers have noticed that there is no point in having the ‘perfect’ website with the most beautiful design when there is no content to stand at the same level.

Optimizing Content Strategy for...


In a world of constant change, it is increasingly important to keep up with the latest updates and user needs. Thus, in the field of web design and development we are constantly focused on staying updated to new trends and implementing new solutions for greater user experience, such as...

What is Responsive Web Design,...


Thinking about starting an online business? It seems like the right thing to do these days. But what does it really mean to start an online business and how should you approach this in a proper way?

Thinking About Starting an Online...

Dordrecht's museum new agenda

In this update a lot of new interactivity and art discovery improvements


Joy Group website updated

Time for a new website! But to actually build one was not such an easy job. It is just never good enough.



We can create complete websites as well, like this GIO Adviesgroep Website.

GIO Adviesgroep

Flevo Fotostock fotografie

For everyone who wants to have a look at the province Flevoland in The Netherlands, Joy Group has launched a website with mainly photographic images of Flevoland.

Flevofotostock now online


A website for the foundation Befriend.

Befriend website online


If you’re considering starting a new business website, creating a blog or maybe building a web shop, you might need to know first which content management system (CMS) to choose for your specific needs and which choice would be the most suitable for your requirements.

Choosing Your CMS: Drupal vs....

split testing

We are sure that you have heard of A/B Split Testing before but have you really understood what is it about? Did you ever tried to create one of these A/B tests and see how they work? If your answer is no to at least one of our questions, this ultimate guide to A/B Split Testing is just...

The Ultimate Guide to A/B Split...

cloud tools

The introduction of the Cloud in the business environment has made it much easier to run a company in the Cloud. Business owners have quickly realized the advantages of using Cloud tools in their business and are now one step ahead their competitors in dealing with many commercial...

4 Awesome Cloud Tools for Businesses...


Are you getting the most out of your Social Media integration campaign? Do you feel satisfied with the results it has on your business? If you feel like there is room for more in your Social Media integration on your business website, you may be missing some important points.

8 Tips for Social Media Integration...

the cloud

What is the Cloud? Have you ever heard people talking about “the Cloud” and didn’t know what they meant? Well, the idea of the Cloud is relatively new but you most probably have spent a lot of time using the Cloud without knowing it.

What is the Cloud and How Can It...


Project process and management refer to one of the most important parts of any project so it needs to be seriously taken into consideration if you want to make things happen.

Project Process and Management:...


Keep up with the technological updates and trends, as there is an increasing growth in the web development and web design industry that tends to guide web designers towards the “mobile first” concept, which aims at beginning projects with mobile first and focusing later on larger desktop...

Mobile First

color wheel

Understanding the psychology of colors creates a better understating of how should the website’s design look like in order to create the desired feelings and emotions. Thus, web designers should keep in mind applying the color psychology whenever they work on a new website.

Color Psychology in Web Design


There is an increasing mass market formed by mobile Internet customers that are using a variety of affordable devices such as smartphones and tablets to access the Internet. You need to reach your customers and clients anytime on every device. But what choices do you have when it comes...

Intro in Mobile Internet & Apps...

Bloomville corporate infographic

Corporate website with interactive infographic



Send a postcard to someone in the Flevoziekenhuis (Hospital)!



Now online: The new website of AKG Polymers!



How to get more likes on Facebook? Getting people to like your Facebook Business Page seems to be a hard job. Nowadays, you have to give people something in return, some sort of trigger, to get more likes. Just something like a reward system, for example. Joy Group has developed a...

7 Tips To Get More Likes On Your...


Joy Group is working on re-designing the website for Spamexperts

Redesign Spamexperts