Joy Group works for enterprises and goverments. From our headquarters in Almere (Netherlands) we manage all the projects in cooperation of our international team spread out over five countries.

We do what we do because we enjoy it. Share knowledge and be creative, that is our job! And what could be more enjoyable then that?

I love ICT,
but can tell you
a lot about China.

Jons Slemmer - Joy Group

Jons Slemmer

Account manager

Started Joy Group in 2008 and is involved in all the projects. Jons is a conceptualizer and ICT-Guru.

When i'm
not working....i like to
cycle and ski!

Alex Strooisma - Joy Group

Alex Strooisma

Project manager

Alex is the ‘spider in the web’, who connects everything and can give you the in and outs of your project.

Besides webdesign,
i'm a car design
& technology

Youri Glastra - Joy Group

Youri Glastra


Youri’s brings ideas and concepts alive with his design work. Youri is a real teamplayer.

I like
creating music
with my acoustic 

Bogdan Rugina - Joy Group

Bogdan Rugina


Bogdan amazed us. He started as a junior developer, but in no time he matched with experienced developers.

I was born
in Estionia, but now
I live in

Martin Bachwerk - Joy Group

Martin Bachwerk


Martin is a genuine pragmatist, even when it gets really complex. Martin always finds a way to save time.

I like to
compose my
own elektronic

Paul Zaitsev - Joy Group

Paul Zaitsev

Front-end Guru

Our savior in hard times. Paul keeps going untill the code does what it should do and visually looks perfect.

When i have
some time off, I like to hike
and backpack in

Pavel Kozlov - Joy Group

Pavel Kozlov


Pavel's second language is not English but Flash! There is nothing he can't create with it.

I can tell
you a lot about Ukraine
and it's capital city:

Menno - Joy Group


Project manager

Menno is the face of Joy Group in Ukraine and has a nack for finding new talent.