Thanks to Drupal being an open source you can avoid expensive license fees. And anybody who wishes to, including your own staff, may use, customize, and develop with and for Drupal.

Drupal development is rapid

The time used building websites should be spent on what makes the services and sites unique - not reinventing the wheel. The rich multitude of free addon modules means that developing Drupal sites can happened considerably faster and effort can be spent where it makes the most difference.

The off-the-shelf modules not only offer shorter development time, but also higher security and less time spent on finding bugs and updating code.

Drupal is flexible

There are thousands of (free) modules ready to download and use. By installing modules you get functionality that not even leading content management systems are capable to offer. Here's a sample of functionality offered by existing Drupal modules.

  • Complete e-commerce solution with payment support
  • Discussion forums, blogs, comments, tags, and voting
  • Powerful ways to format, display, and list content and information
  • Calendar and collaborative tools - meeting synchronization
  • Automatic scaling, cropping, and transformation of images depending on where and how they're used and shown
  • Support for video content and streaming
  • Integration with map services such as OpenLayers, Google Maps, Bing Maps, and geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Integration with directory services and central authentication such as CAS, LDAP, and Active Directory
  • Integration with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Automated management of mailining lists on your site or using third-party services such as MailChimp

Drupal is secure

Among all the CMS's of the world, Drupal is most secure. Thanks to the high knowledge of security issues among Drupal developers, a vigilant and highly competent security team and routines to handle security issues Drupal's core is kept secure. Drupal has been built with security in mind and has had considerably less security issues than similar solutions and systems.

Drupal is scalable

Drupal can manage huge amounts of traffic, thanks to its built-in cache support. NodeOne possesses unique experience in building scalable Drupal solutions and has consulted Dagens Industry and Sony Ericsson on Drupal and scalability.

It's a great neighborhood

Drupal is well proven and is being used by numerous companies and organizations, such as Sony BMG, Sony Ericsson, United Nations, Disney, Nokia, Sun, and the US government. On there are over 300,000 active users who constantly provide new ideas, testing, and code, ensuring that Drupal is and will remain the leading CMS. You're never alone and there's always someone to ask for support should you need it.