4 Awesome Cloud Tools for Businesses

cloud tools

The introduction of the Cloud in the business environment has made it much easier to run a company in the Cloud. Business owners have quickly realized the advantages of using Cloud tools in their business and are now one step ahead their competitors in dealing with many commercial challenges related to sales, marketing, brand development, and maintaining profitability.

What are the Cloud tools?

So if you have ever checked your email, and surely you have, then you have used the Cloud tools! You are using the Cloud tools when you send or check emails from any computer in the world through Gmail or Yahoo mail, or when you collaborate online in creating documents on Google Docs. You are also using the Cloud tools to store files with Dropbox and accessing those files anywhere you need.

4 awesome and really helpful Cloud tools for businesses

1.    File storage

cloud toolsLet’s imagine the following situations: you work all night on this big presentation but you are so tired that you forget to save it on your laptop or on a memory stick. Or how about this: your computer crashed and you lost your entire e-mail database, contacts and other important stuff. Sounds familiar, right? Well, you don’t need to worry about this anymore because now you can use Dropbox to safely store for free all of documents, videos and photos. Where, you ask? Of course, on the Cloud. Dropbox is one of the most useful Cloud tools as it offers you the possibility to store and access from anywhere your photos, docs and videos. So you will be able to access your big presentation from your computer, phone, tablet, and from Dropbox website. This free service also allows you to share your documents with others, and when your computer has crashed, you can relax because none of your stuff will ever be lost.

2.    Accounting & Invoicing

Accounting may not be our thing, but it’s rather an important and necessary evil in any business. So you’ll need to keep track of your income and expenses, and for this you can use MoneyBird, one of Cloud tools. The same applies to invoicing. Invoicing is responsible for your business’ cash flow so it’s a very important part of your business. MoneyBird is one of our favorite Cloud tools for invoicing and accounting. MoneyBird offers you an easy way to invoice your clients and keep track on your accounts. This Cloud tool is easy to use and is great for freelancers and small companies. It provides simple creation of invoices, reminders for sending invoices, faster transactions via PayPal, archive of receipts, and it can be reachable anytime via iPhone. We use it at Joy Group and we are very happy with its services.

3.    Managing People and Time

Collaboration is so important in any business and if you’d like to create a good and proper environment for your employees, you’ll find that Basecamp is one of the most appropriate Cloud tool for doing the job right. Basecamp will help you keep track of projects, discussions, files, and events from the beginning to the end, all in one place. You can start with a 60-day free trail and then switch to any package that suits best your needs. With Basecamp you can create discussions, send messages between workers, make ‘to-do’ lists and assign tasks, upload files and images, and much more.

Here at Joy Group, we use Basecamp as a project management tool to collaborate in real-time. For us, Basecamp is a professional and safe place to get together and discuss ideas, stay organized all the time and track everything each other is doing. Basecamp is really fast and easy to use with a unique and nice interface.

4.    Email Marketing

cloud toolsBusinesses need to keep in touch constantly with their clients and customers, so they need really efficient Cloud tools to reach them. Business owners can choose from a variety of contact and newsletter apps from the Cloud, and here we prefer MailChimp. MailChimp is a great Cloud tool that helps business owners create easily email newsletters and reach all their clients and customers. The service includes creating, sending and tracking email newsletters, for a better optimization of your business’ marketing campaign.

Cloud Tools - Conclusion

Cloud tools are very useful for every business, so it is a very good idea to implement some of them from the very beginning, and as your small business grows, you can add more and more, depending on your needs. The Cloud apps will contribute to the growing of your business and will definitely help you in the most challenging situations.

We have gathered a small collection of Cloud tools that we think are very useful for every business. What other Cloud tools would you add to this list?