Facebook Hashtags Explained

Facebook is trying to get you involved in real-time conversation with the latest introduction of related Facebook hashtags. This means that the well-known hashtags brought from Twitter will now turn on Facebook every word preceded by a ‘#’ into a hyperlink that you can click and see all related public posts.

The Reasoning behind Facebook hashtags

The idea of introducing Facebook hashtags to this social media platform came from the fact that every day, thousands of people share related thoughts and big moments on Facebook. Whether it’s about the favorite restaurant or TV shows, Facebook hashtags have the potential to bring all these conversations in the forefront, where people can find them easily and engage in further discussions.

facebook hashtags

There are, of course, some privacy issues that apply in the case of Facebook hashtags. Just as in the case of Graph Search, you can only see related comments that you are authorized to see. This means that a hashtag included in a comment restricted to a friends-only update will only appear to your friend’s hashtag search results.

How can Facebook hashtags help your business?

Facebook hashtags will help brands tie together their most relevant content, which will be further found under one related hashtag. Users will get access more easily to the information they need by typing the hashtag on the Facebook search bar and brands will have all their content exposed in the same place.

So what Facebook hashtags do is to open up the company’s reach to audience beyond that of their Facebook page.

It is important though to recognize those hashtags that are really relevant for your brand and use them wisely, without overwhelming the users. Misplaced hashtags or irrelevant ones will only create a spam effect and a bad image for the company.

Here is an important aspect that marketers and business owners should know about Facebook hashtags:

"If you are already using hashtags in an advertising campaign through other channels, you can amplify these campaigns by including your hashtags in Facebook advertising ... Any hashtags that you use on other platforms that are connected to your Facebook page will be automatically clickable and searchable on Facebook."

Does your business page need Facebook hashtags?

The official announcement of Facebook hashtags mentions that you should not count on them instead of your already established marketing campaigns:

Like other Facebook marketing tools, hashtags allow you to join and drive the conversations happening about your business. We recommend you search for and view real-time public conversations and test strategies to drive those conversations using hashtags. Hashtags do not impact your distribution or engagement in News Feed on either desktop or mobile. We recommend you continue to focus on your existing campaigns to drive your most important business objectives.”

To be sure you are using Facebook hashtags in the right way, here are some tips for you to start engaging with this new feature:

  • Don’t overwhelm people with hashtags – limit yourself to using one or two relevant hashtags in your update
  • Use relevant Facebook hashtags – related to your industry or post’s topic
  • Don’t use Facebook hashtags just for the sake of using them – use them only if they make sense to your update

Here is an example of how we use Facebook hashtags here at Joy Group:

facebook hashtags


Facebook hashtags represent a great feature for your business. It gathers and ties all your related content together, making it much easier to be found for your users. Remember though that Facebook hasthags can harm your business if you overwhelm people with many hashtags in your posts, use irrelevant ones or just use them because everybody else does. Keep in mind your business goals and your purpose and try to be rational when using Facebook hashtags so that they have an actual positive impact on your business.

Image from Newsroom.fb.com