Intro in Mobile Internet & Apps

There is an increasing mass market formed by mobile Internet customers that are using a variety of affordable devices such as smartphones and tablets to access the Internet. This creates a new need and also new opportunities for businesses that want to reach their customers through multiple device-desktop, smartphones, and tablets.

What choices do you have when it comes to Mobile Internet & Apps?

mobile-internetIf you are thinking about starting an online business or you already manage one, you should know that using mobile internet comes with many different types of mobile approaches for reaching your customers. One of these mobile apps solutions is building a Native App. A mobile native application is a real app that can be downloaded and installed on user’s mobile device from specific portals like Play Store for Android or Apple’s App Store.  Although this app has a better performance when compared to other apps and it functions even when the device is offline, it can take more time to create because you have to build one app for each operating system (iOs, Android), and it costs more to maintain.

The second solution for using mobile internet in your business is building a Mobile Web App. This is just like a regular website with browser-based HTML pages, but the difference from a standard website is that this Mobile Web App is designed having in mind a responsive design, so it can be accessed and resized on different devices. Even though this app involves a reduced development complexity and employs knowledge of Drupal/HTML/CSS only, it is not accessible with an offline device or out of wireless range and its features are limited to what traditional mobile web browsers offer.

There is another solution for those who would like to combine the previous choices: Hybrid Apps. These apps take the best from the two other choices, being built using website techniques that are are converted to native code.

What about Drupal and Mobile Internet?

Regarding Drupal and mobile apps, here at Joy Group we have great background and practice in building mobile web experiences and we consider that Drupal is a great data supplier for apps with “webservices”. We build Drupal based mobile internet solutions, keeping in mind the importance of cross-platform compatibility. Mobile web apps are cheaper and easier to maintain, but the most important advantage when launching a Drupal mobile web app is that it reduces the amount of time because usually, the web app has already an attached Drupal website created and developed for traditional web browsers. Thus, all you need to do is to build a mobile theme compatible to web browsers on targeted mobile devices and you’re good to go.

There are many advantages of building Drupal based mobile apps, as Drupal is a great framework to build on top for great mobile experiences. With the upcoming release of Drupal 8, web developers will come across significant changes in the design architecture, which will be focused on mobile content delivery to multiple device-desktop, smartphones and tablets.

Here at Joy Group we are aware of your need to use Mobile Internet features in order to constantly reach your customers on every device. Thus we can assist you by choosing the best app solution for your business and creating apps that strengthen your connection to your customers. Choose to be a strategic and an innovative business owner, so, contact us to help you become a complete mobile entrepreneur.