As an open source creative internet agency you have to keep up with time. The internet world and new development techniques evolve so fast! The avarege lifecycle of a good website is 2 to 3 years, so a website has to be renewed every now and then. Building a website for clients is hard but building your own website is just as hard. It's just simply never good enough.

But we did it! With a little bit possitive support and some bright ideas we have come up with this new and improved website. Of course, it was created using Drupal, our favorite open source CMS.

If you look at this website you will see all the projects we have done in a glance. You can follow the timeline down or you can filter the items that consist of either a news item or a portfolio item. They all have a small image to give you a little impression of the actual website or the brand we developed the website for.

As in these modern times we have prepared our site to be mobile ready, as this is a responsive site that adjusts for mobiles, tablets and normal desktops.

We hope your will find the website informative and helpful in reviewing Joy Group as your open source internet partner.