Mobile First

Most clients and web designers usually follow the common approach of beginning any project with building the desktop side first, and continuing with the mobile part only after the desktop version is complete. But considering the new current of responsive web design, there is an increasing growth in the industry that tends to guide web designers towards the “mobile first” concept, which aims at beginning projects with mobile considerations and focusing later on larger desktop versions.

What is “mobile first”?

The idea of “mobile first” refers to a “conceptual thinking” way where you should design a website for a mobile device first and from there build up to a normal size website suitable for desktop devices.

Considering the changing times that we live in, the idea of mobile first is starting to grow mainly because mobile is predicting an explosive growth and web designers need to adapt to these mobile forces and extends that ultimately will lead to a better overall user experience.

Why Mobile First?  

There are many reasons for considering starting with mobile first. The first and most important one is that mobile first idea prepares you for the explosive growth and new opportunities emerging on mobile today. Mobile has been declared the “next big thing” so you need to be prepared and focused on this direction in order to help your business survive on the market. This means that you’ll need to adjust your goals according to the changes and trends that happen in the market so you can confront your competitors with the best and most innovative weapons.

Moreover, the mobile first concept will determine you to focus on the most important aspects of you company and prioritize what it’s essential and makes you stand out from the crowd. Thus, the idea of mobile first requires that you leave behind the unnecessary elements and build up a mobile concept first that focuses on user experience and user context, delivering quick and meaningful information for your users.

Mobile first idea creates new ways of thinking about how people interact with each other, with data, and with their immediate surroundings. Thus, this concept delivers innovative experiences by creating new capabilities that allow you to build context-aware applications and highly innovative experiences for your most loyal users.

Still feeling hesitant about Mobile First?

Well, you should be. Changing the way of thinking and building your company’s websites can be really difficult and it involves hard arguments for such an idea to go through your rational system.

Mark Brown, Senior VP of Communications Planning at The Garage/ Team Mazda, talks about the growing importance of mobile and the mobile first approach.

What about Responsive Web Design and Mobile First? 

It could be said that responsive web design and mobile first are made for each other. They complement each other as you begin with a mobile device size, which needs to include only the most important elements, and then involve in a progressive enhancement towards actual desktop size by adding more elements and information. To put it more simply, if you are able to support the mobile web, you will be able to support anything bigger than that.

Here at Joy Group, we are constantly focused on using new technologies and ideas to help our clients succeed with their businesses. We think that mobile first conceptual thinking is an efficient way to start building a business website, since designing for a mobile phone has the most restrictions and you only get to display the most important elements. So if you want to keep up with the latest designing trends such as"mobile first", and help your business meet its goals, contact us and let’s create a mobile first website that would satisfy all your users’ needs!

Video Source: Think Voices Channel