Other projects

Dorhout Mees is an adventure outdoor center and golfcourse. Situated in the center of The Netherlands, Dorhout Mees offers a wide variety of outdoor adventure and sports. From driving a quad to a 54 hole (!) golfcourse, it is the ultimate outdoor experience.

Dorhout Mees also offers a hotel & restaurant and it's a perfect location for meetings and events.

Dorhout Mees wanted to create a new website that could give the visitor not only a visual look on what they have to offer, but they also wanted to make the visitor actually feel what the Dorhout Mees experience would be like.

The emphasis should be on all the activities and events Dorhout Mees has to offer. In cooperation with PuurFCT! who made the creative concept, Joy Group did the technical development of the new website. And we are proud of the result!

The website contains all possible and important information on what Dorhout Mees has to offer in a glance. Some nice features we would like to highlight are:

  • The Golf Widget: We created a little feature to point out which golf courses are opened. Take a look at what it looks like here.
  • We made submenus which can be seen under "schieten", for example.
  • We made stylish reservation forms that can be used by the visitor.

It was a fun project for us and we were able to make a great technical solution that totally fitted the design, pre-created by PuurFCT!.

If you want to know more about a website that makes the visitor feel the experience you have to offer, or how can we build a website behind your creative design, don't hesitate and give us a call!