NVL Borstvoeding

Other projects

Joy Group in association with PuurFCT! developed the website for NVL, a Dutch association for Lactation Consultants.


The goal of this website is to share knowledge on breastfeeding and to establish an online network for Lactation Consultants in The Netherlands. A network to communicate on breastfeeding and to cooperate with each other.

Set up

If you take a look at the website, you can see it is set up for 3 different parties:
  • Interested parties who want information about breastfeeding and information on what Lactation Consultants can do for them. 
  • Professionals who can find information on education, the workfield and becoming a member of the association
  • A member area including, for example, a forum for discussions or valuable documents on breastfeeding. This member area can be compared to an intranet environment.

Nice to know

Some nice features we built into the site using Drupal are:
  • A system for searching Lactation Consultants by region
  • A small webshop
  • A regional network for professionals to set up their own network.

If you have any questions about the way we built this site or if you want to know how we can assist you in building your own website, please call us!