How big is your circle of influence? And what do you do to increase your number of followers? Accelerate your growth!

The social web has opened a discourse between brands and consumers; a chat on the same level. Marketing is now a two way conversation, if your brand isn’t active in these conversations then you are missing out on your most engaged customers – you know… the ones who openly advocate your brand, get tattoos of your logo in ‘extreme’ places on their body or fly around the world to visit each store/restaurant etc etc. Social media marketing allows you to participate with these customers, experiment with new methods of communication, reward their loyalty and offer exclusive deals. You can’t wait for consumers to come to you, but for the first time you can go directly to them.

Through market and social media research, Joy Group helps your brand to navigate the ever changing social atmosphere and connect with your customers like never before. Pretty cool.

As with every new adventure it is best to have a strategy. At Joy Group we get to know your brand online; who’s talking about it and what’s being said. Once we feel we could answer 101 questions about your brand we then begin to develop a strategy. We take into account everything that we have learned by being your brand’s biggest online fan and use that develop a no-nonsense strategy that delivers.

Without a strategy you can find that social media can sap a huge amount of time from your working day. When you have a tailored social media strategy in place you’ll find that you’ll save time and be more informed… Basically helping you to work smarter.